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My son's Cutlass


My son's '64 pro street Cutlass

455 Olds .060 over 468 cid, T-400 trans, 57/64 Olds rear with 4.10 gears. The car has been back half, full roll cage, complete set of guages. Check it out.


my race car

My race car project:

'64 Olds Cutlass hard top. Have had this car since 1980. It is my first race car. It is an on going project.

I did the back half, cut the floor out and cut the firewall to move the engine back 6 inches. A few things to and the start the sheet metal work, wheel tubs and floor and trans tunnel, also the new fire wall.

my '50 Coupe

My '50 OLDS project:

I've had this car since 1968. It also has been on going. It is pretty much stock with a late model 350 Oldsmobile engine and a T-350 trans. I've had those American torque-thrust wheels on the car since 1971.

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